Our products such as Single Girder Overhead Cranes, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Chain Pulley Block Hoist, Double Truss Single Bridge Cranes, HOT Cranes, Trolley Hoist, Double Girder Overhead Cranes, JIB Cranes, Lifting Equipment Elevators, EOT Cranes, Flame proof Lift Elevators and Goods Lift Elevators are widely demanded in the international market due to the matchless quality and competitive features of our products. Our products are fabricated in adherence to the international standards of quality. We comprehend the requirements of our customers before providing them the products. Hence our customers are always satisfied with our products. We also ensure we deliver the products on time. Our products are very reliable and affordable. They have the latest operational features. As a result they are immensely demanded by numerous countries across the world such as South-Africa, Malaysia, South Korea, Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia and Indonesia.

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