Eot Overhead Crane Manufacturer

Overhead Cranes in Indonesia

Overhead Cranes Manufacturer in Indonesia

The most important machine that helps in lifting the heavy weight easily is the cranes. It is the commonly used weight lifting equipment used in the majority of the industries that deal with manufacturing weighty substance. We are the legendary manufacturer of a wide variety of cranes and weight lifting equipment parts like single and double girder crane, HOT, EOT, overhead cranes, hand and electric hoist, gear box, etc. These products that we make are prepared in the standard specifications that are accepted in the domestic as well as international market. We utilize the best grade raw materials and use latest fabrication technique that helps us in offering the highest quality of cranes. These products are made in standard specification and are even customized at the request of the client to accurately meet their needs. The knowledgeable experts of our company allow us in presenting new features in the overhead cranes for making them the preferred choice of the industries.

The Overhead Cranes in Indonesia that we make come in two different models: single girder and double girder. The hoist is mounted on the girder which helps in lifting the substance easily. These cranes are offered in all the 34 provinces and cities of Indonesia including Aceh, Bali, Banten, Jakarta, Jambi, Papua, etc. Indonesia is the world’s largest island country situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans. When combined with the land and sea area, it becomes the 7th largest country of the world. We prepare them in the standard specifications that are accepted in the domestic and international countries. We even provide customization facility in the overhead cranes so as to exactly suit the application area and the location where it is to be installed. Our cranes have great weight lifting capacities and can be easily handled by the worker in the company without any kind of special skills required in operating it. We deliver them in the exact time interval decided with the client.

Overhead Cranes in Indonesia
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