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CRANETECH Equipments is a leader in overhead crane manufacture and EOT Crane supply. We have a complete manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad and the capability to manufacture new cranes of virtually any complexity. Further, we are flourished with the field service group who perform upgrades, service, inspection, load testing and repair of all brands of cranes. Our manufactured overhead cranes are well known in the market with the brand name of Cranetech Equipments,Our best in class manufacturing plant in Ahmedabad is one of the biggest EOT crane manufacturing facilities in India, rehearsing worldwide measures of assembling and quality assurance. Cranetech is known for guaranteeing administration brilliance through a boundless system of workplaces crosswise over India.

We at, Cranetech equipments, manufacture Double Girder Overhead Cranes, Single Girder Overhead Cranes, EOT Cranes with Grab and Bucket, Goliath Cranes, Hand-operated Overhead Cranes, Freight Elevators, Jib Cranes, Wire Rope Electric Hoists, Crane duty Gear Boxes, Flexible Geared Couplings, Wall Mounted Cantilever Crane, Power Winches etc.

In-house product inquire about and improvement empowers us to hold adaptability of applying standard items, straightforwardness and financial aspects of time demonstrated serial segments for expanded dependability and better esteem. Progressing innovative work by our expert building staff into design and manufacturing enhancements places Cranetech Cranes at the forefront edge of innovation. Applied computer technology, incorporated assembling and current creation hardware worked by gifted and committed professionals and inflexible quality principles guarantee that our items are your best purchase in overhead material taking care of gear.

Overhead Cranes Supplier in India

Founded in 2011


Founded in 2011

EOT Cranes capacity

Up to 150 Ton

EOT Cranes capacity

supplied cranes

Up to 106 feet

supplied cranes

Eot Overhead Crane

Safety Tips to operate an EOT Overhead Crane India :

Our offered EOT Overhead Crane are invaluable at construction sites. They are mainly utilized to lift the loads and transfer them from one place to another. These EOT Overhead Cranes are preferred crane in the construction industry since they are faster in lifting the loads compared to the alternative. The using of the Overhead Crane should be done very carefully compared to other equipments on the planet, it is necessary to be fully aware of the perils of using an overhead crane. It can have terrible results if not used properly.

  • To begin with it is important to make an appropriate review of the different parts of the crane when bought. This is to ensure that you were conveyed a decent quality crane. In addition to this it is fundamental keeping up the crane as well, by influencing comparable verifies to and on.
  • It is important to know the determinations of the crane; and in this way not over-loading it via conveying more load than it is intended to carry. The crane will usually work legitimately yet there is one condition; you have to work it inside its ability.
  • Any simple approach to ensure that you get it right each time is by ensuring that you have the correct load each time you lift substantial weight. It wouldn't require a lot of push to check that the loads are legitimately set and don't surpass the farthest point stack limit.
  • It is usually advisable for crane operator to work in pairs. Having someone providing directions in the form of signals can be invaluable and help towards creating a more safe and secure.
  • Above all the crane operator is required to remain alert at all times. The operating area should be clear of hazards and people. It is necessary to inform the people involved and around the area of the operations in progress as a precautionary measure.

Applications of Overhead Crane :

  • Steel Mills
  • Power Plants
  • Railways
  • Engineering Workshops
  • Pipe Mills
  • Rolling Mills
  • Ordnance Factories
  • Paper Mills
  • Cement Plants
  • Galvanizing Plants
  • Stock Yar
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