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At [Cranetech Equipments]: We take great satisfaction in being a well-known manufacturer, producer, and exporter of high-quality underslung EOT cranes that are intended to suit the different material handling requirements of industries all over the world. We are your trusted partner in efficient material handling systems, with a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, and incomparable price.

Underslung EOT (Electric Overhead Travel) Crane is a type of overhead lifting equipment used in various industrial contexts for material handling and transportation activities. It is also known as an underslung bridge crane or underslung overhead crane. In contrast to standard overhead cranes, where the crane's runway is situated on top of the building's support structure, the runway of an underslung EOT crane is suspended beneath the support structure. These cranes come in a variety of weight capabilities, ranging from very light-duty systems to heavy-duty versions capable of lifting huge loads. The load capacity is determined by the application's specific needs. Underslung EOT cranes are customizable and can be used in a variety of material handling applications, such as manufacturing, warehouses, and assembly lines. They are often used to lift and move big weights, position materials, and provide precise control during manufacturing processes.

Features of Underslung EOT Cranes:

  • Underhung Configuration
  • Versatility
  • Load Capacity
  • Smooth Movement
  • Remote Control
  • Customization
  • Safety Features
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